3G service in india going to launch in September3G auction is over in india with the prices which no one has expected but still there is no sign of the final commencemnt of the 3G service. But mobile phone users can expect to get the 3G service from winner 3G operators by September 2010 as “Ministry of Defence” is assuring to vacate spectrum at the earliest.

we will allot spectrum to the successful bidders on September 1 to offer hi-end mobile services, while we are ready to release spectrum for the BWA service,” Said Telecom Secretary P.J. Thomas told journalists here.

“While the overall proceeds from the auction for the 3G and BWA spectrum at over Rs.1.06-lakh crore ( Rs. 1062.6226 billion ) exceeded all expectations, an equally important aspect is that the true market value of the spectrum was determined through an efficient and transparent process,” Also the high prices of spectrum would not lead to costlier 3G or broadband services. he added.

The revenue  ( 1062.6226 billion Rs  )earned by 3G auction is more than three times the target of Rs. 350 billion fixed by the Finance Ministry in its budget documents and more than five times the reserve price.