Nokia Siemens to bring 42Mbps HSPA network for French Operator SFRNokia Siemens has signed a contract with French operator SFR to provide the 4G technology supporting a speed of 42Mbps. According to International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) statement, High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) can now officially called as 4G.

This decision was taken, after ITU said that as this advance 3G technology along with the LTE and WiMAX can be used for describing this next generation network as 4G. As this rollout could not take place immediately, as there are many obstacles in the way to achieve such a high speed.

On the other hand, T-Mobile, which is a pioneer in providing such a high-speed network, is also planning to rollout 42Mbps or HSPA+ network in all over the 100 markets where it has its hold. But, it is expected that T-Mobile will launch this HSPA network only in the early 2011. T-Mobile is also planning to launch 650Mbps version of HSPA+ network in future with Nokia-Siemens network. (more…)